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You’ve got your company site up and running which looks great and is full of useful information. Still, you are worried because your website does not have any traffic or Return On Investment? Here is where you will need an SEO Expert. To ensure a good return on your website needs investment in effective site marketing. SEO is the best method to let people know about your company through organic results.

Whatever your business and your presence on the Internet, and no matter whether you’re selling on a local, national, or even global level, if you want it to succeed, Search Engine Optimisation needs to be as important a part of your marketing efforts as everything else.

We understand that getting SEO right takes time, and with the major search engines moving the goalposts it can be difficult to get right and if you get it wrong, you could end up doing more harm than good. This is where we can help, by offering the kind of straight forward SEO services New Zealand businesses are looking for.


What is SEO/ Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a process in which we try to get websites on top of search result pages of major search engines. With the evolution of search technologies, Google algorithm keeps changing its methods. Nowadays Google panda is very smart – no black hat techniques can help any web page to reach higher positions. If at all black hat techniques are used, they give temporary results, and within a short span of time they are declared as spammy websites by Google. SEO of a website depends mainly on 5 factors.

  • Authority – Higher Domain and Page Authorities
  • Quality – Original Content On webistes
  • Trust – Trustworthy backlinks from authoritative websites
  • Security – HTTPS Secured websites
  • Bounce Rate – Decreased Bounce rate

What is On page optimisation and off page optimisation?

On-Page Optimisation

Title Tags, Header Tags, Meta descriptions, Canonical URL’s ,Hyperlinking, Page speed Optimisation, Image alt Attributes, Image compression

Off -Page Optimisation

Blog writing ,Press release writing, Backlinking, Guest Blogging.